Holidays - Croatia


Croatia observes a total of 14 bank holidays, which encompass both public holidays and Roman Catholic celebrations. Here’s a chronological list of these holidays: January 1st – New Year’s Day January 6th – Epiphany Easter – Date varies each year Easter Monday – Date varies each year May 1st – International Workers’ Day May 30th […]

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Traveling with Pets - Croatia

Traveling with Pets in Croatia

Traveling with your beloved pet to Croatia is absolutely possible, but it’s essential to adhere to specific rules and regulations that have been harmonized with EU guidelines. For EU citizens planning to bring their furry companions along for a vacation in Croatia, a few fundamental prerequisites must be met. For a smooth journey with your

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Electricity - Croatia


Croatia’s electrical energy system conforms to the European standard. All electrical installations produce alternating current at 220V/50Hz, and the sockets employed are of type F, commonly known as “Schuko” sockets. As a result, travelers from Europe (excluding Great Britain and Ireland) will not need any adapters. Visitors arriving from countries with distinct electrical systems or

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Lost Passport - Croatia

Lost Passport: What to Do

Lost Passport or Official Document: Immediate Steps to Take In the event of losing your passport or any other official document in Croatia, here’s what you should do: Report the Loss: Begin by promptly reporting the loss to the nearest police station. You can reach the police at the emergency number +385 192. They will

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Customs info - Croatia

Customs info

Customs and Regulations in Croatia Croatia’s membership in the European Union brings a seamless experience for Union citizens traveling to the country. When entering and leaving Croatia, there are no customs or tax restrictions, ensuring a hassle-free journey. Customs and Duties for Non-EU Citizens Travelers from non-European Union (EU) countries enjoy certain customs and VAT

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Credit and Debit Cards - Croatia

Credit and Debit Cards in Croatia: Convenient Payment Options

Modern Banking and Electronic Payments in Croatia Croatia boasts a highly advanced and technologically savvy banking system. In fact, it ranks among the top European countries in terms of accepting electronic payments, including card payments, at hospitality establishments, hotels, shops, agencies, and various service providers. This system adheres to rigorous European standards, ensuring both security

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Tipping - Croatia


Tipping in Croatia: A Gesture of Appreciation Tipping in Croatia is a gesture of respect and gratitude, embodying a lovely tradition. Unlike some countries where tipping is obligatory, it’s not considered mandatory here. In Croatia, there are no additional service charges, and prices at cafes, restaurants, hotels, and other hospitality establishments are transparent and final

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Money - Croatia


Currency in Croatia: The Euro (EUR) As a member of the European Union, Croatia has embraced the economic and monetary union, adopting the euro (EUR) as its official currency and sole legal tender starting from January 1, 2023. The euro replaces the previous kuna. You’ll find banknotes in denominations of 5, 10, 20, 50, 100,

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