Emergency Services in Croatia: Your Safety Priority

Emergency Numbers in Croatia: A Unified System for Your Safety

Croatia is committed to ensuring your safety through a unified emergency system available 24/7. By dialing 112, you gain access to this comprehensive service.

Notably, 112 is the European emergency line, in use across all EU Member States and many third countries. You can dial it directly from any telephone device, irrespective of your telecommunications network. The system’s seamless operation automatically connects you to the nearest emergency service, providing you with swift assistance during any emergency situation. Your safety is our priority.

Emergency Services - Croatia

Direct Contact Numbers for Essential Services

In addition to the unified emergency line at 112, you can directly reach essential services in Croatia through the following dedicated numbers:

  • General Emergency Line: +385 112
  • Police: +385 192
  • Emergency Medical Assistance: +385 194
  • Firefighters: +385 193
  • Road Assistance: +385 1987
  • Search and Rescue at Sea: +385 195

These numbers provide direct access to the specific assistance you may require during your stay in Croatia, ensuring your safety and well-being.

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