Croatia observes a total of 14 bank holidays, which encompass both public holidays and Roman Catholic celebrations. Here’s a chronological list of these holidays:

  1. January 1st – New Year’s Day
  2. January 6th – Epiphany
  3. Easter – Date varies each year
  4. Easter Monday – Date varies each year
  5. May 1st – International Workers’ Day
  6. May 30th – Statehood Day
  7. Corpus Christi – Date varies each year
  8. June 22nd – Anti-Fascist Struggle Day
  9. August 5th – Victory and Homeland Thanksgiving Day and the Day of Croatian Defenders
  10. August 15th – Assumption of Mary
  11. November 1st – All Saints’ Day
  12. November 18th – Remembrance Day for the victims of the Homeland War and the victims of Vukovar and Škabrnja
  13. December 25th – Christmas
  14. December 26th – St. Stephen’s Day
Holidays - Croatia

Many of these occasions are marked by traditional, cultural, or religious events, offering visitors the opportunity to partake in local celebrations. While in tourist areas during the summer, you may not notice significant changes in the operating hours of shops, restaurants, and shopping centers. However, during the off-season or in non-touristy towns, you might find that working hours on bank holidays resemble those of Sundays. This could mean reduced shop availability or earlier closures, and most services may be limited.

Additionally, please note that public transportation schedules, including buses and trains, may differ on bank holidays. Typically, there are fewer departures or routes covering fewer destinations compared to regular days.

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