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Customs and Regulations in Croatia

Croatia’s membership in the European Union brings a seamless experience for Union citizens traveling to the country. When entering and leaving Croatia, there are no customs or tax restrictions, ensuring a hassle-free journey.

Customs info - Croatia

Customs and Duties for Non-EU Citizens

Travelers from non-European Union (EU) countries enjoy certain customs and VAT exemptions when it comes to personal luggage and items meant for personal use. Additionally, smaller gifts of reasonable value and quantity are exempt from customs and tax fees.

Personal luggage typically includes clothing, footwear, personal hygiene products, and portable electronic devices intended for personal use. Non-commercial goods, including smaller gift items, are also exempt from fees, provided their value and quantity indicate they are not intended for commercial purposes. Specific limits apply, depending on the value of the goods and the mode of transport.

For non-commercial goods in personal luggage, the limits are as follows:

  • Passengers under 15 years of age: €150.00, regardless of the mode of transport.
  • Air and sea transport: Up to €430.00 per passenger.
  • All other modes of transport: Up to €300.00 per passenger.

You can find detailed instructions and additional information on the website of the Customs Administration at the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Croatia: Customs Administration – Relief from duties and restrictions.

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